Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C is inspired by the century-old tradition of Alfa Romeo and projects the brand’s authentic values into the future: Italian style, performance and engineering excellence, offering maximum driving satisfaction in total safety. The “4C” name recalls Alfa Romeo’s great sporting tradition: the acronyms 8C and 6C in the 1930s and 1940s distinguished racing and road cars fitted with powerful eight and six cylinder engines. The Alfa Romeo 4C model’s designation continues this tradition with the latest all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged direct injection four-cylinder engine.


Year 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale produces 18 units, approved version of the Type 33 used in competitions. A vehicle is considered by many the most beautiful car of all time and went down in history for the design philosophy entirely performance-oriented, requiring a drastic weight reduction. For her, a concentrate of innovative technologies, from unpublished chassis, mounted on a mixed structure derived from aeronautics, magnesium alloy and steel tubes. This is the car that Alfa Romeo 4C is based and which reflects the heritage, formally and structurally. For accomunarle, at first glance, a series of volumes in which each element has an essential function, where nothing is superfluous. A balance made consistent choices in which the needs of mechanics and style are those of absolute harmony. From concept car to production model, the differences are minimal and based on pure homologation requirements. The ultimate goal is to give enthusiasts a supercar dream: a unique car for style and design choices to drive both on the track and in the street. This dream is now real. Now is Alfa Romeo 4C.


No concession aesthetic end in itself, the comfort, the desire to catch the essence of Alfa Romeo 4C the performance. And all the stylistic choices are optimized for this purpose. The beating heart of the car, the engine in central position visible through the rear window.Starting from the engine take shape all the other elements. From the round lights on the back side comes the musculature that houses the air vents required for the cooling of the intercooler. This side full of energy and dynamism generates the volume on the front suitable to house the headlights, the side of which the two V-shaped ribs are their natural conclusion in the championship for Alfa Romeo. The result is a car that conveys pure sportiness. Each of the structural elements is designed for a precise aerodynamic function and helps to create a negative lift coefficient for maximum grip during lateral acceleration.


Get inside Alfa Romeo 4C is to immerse yourself in sportsmanship. As for the exterior, the cab each element has a specific function: 4C subtract weight superfluous and provides the essentials for the best driving performance. First, the structure, unique, a cell made of carbon fiber in view. Inside, racing seats that provide a sporty yet comfortable posture. To achieve: reinforced composite material, padding and eased coatings choice, in technical fabric or leather. All aboard 4C expresses setting the sporty Alfa Romeo. The steering wheel is molded in the bottom of the dashboard – consists of a thermoformed shell as in the limited edition supercar – and the controls are totally oriented to the pilot because I have total control of the car. The graphics of the instrument panel adopts a strong visual impact, strongly inspired by the world of motorcycling and that of race cars. Finally, pedals and foot rest support aluminum round off the sporty character of the car down to the last detail.


Alfa Romeo 4C has chosen to produce in Modena, creating a dedicated unit within the plants Maserati. Here are the watchwords advanced technology and craftsmanship of the highest profile, a combination that allows you to create cars with exceptional technique and extraordinary care.

Along the assembly line of 4C are the people that make the difference. Specialists working on the new Alfa Romeo, after 500 hours of specific training, they followed for 10 months the final stages of development of the car: a background that allows them to have a very in-depth technical knowledge. For each automobile technicians personally follow each step of the assembly and, at the end, are dedicated to quality controls, to ensure the perfect functionality of all components. Finally the car is entrusted to an expert tester verifies that the dynamic performance in various driving situations: Alfa Romeo 4C is only now really ready to take to the streets.


Alfa Romeo 4C was designed by Alfa Romeo and Maserati is produced in the factory in Modena, but the Italian excellence in the automotive industry can be found in every single element of the car. The most recognized Italian companies already providing the largest companies in the world of supercar, have been involved in the development of the Alfa Romeo 4C:

  • Adler Group: manufacturer of carbon fiber monocoque
  • Emarc: manufacturer of the roll bar, the crash-box and all aluminum supports
  • IMR: manufacturer of composite material body
  • For this reason, the Alfa Romeo 4C is the Made in Italy excellence in the automotive sector.


Alfa Romeo 4C offers several customization options, both from the aesthetic point of view is to further accentuate its sporty styling, which allow you to meet the needs of every type of customer. On the Alfa Romeo 4C are available 6 exterior colors, three pastel colors (Black, White and Red Alfa), a metallic (Grey Basalt) and two-layer (White Mother of Pearl and Red Competition). The selection of the circles, as well as provide different sizes and designs, split the color choice: steel or coated burnished to give an even sportier look to the car. Even the color of the brake calipers can be customized; Alfa Romeo 4C offers four different colors: gray (standard), red, yellow and black.

As for the interior, Sabelt seats with carbon fiber shell, the maximum expression of sports session on the market, they can be lined with 4 different finishes: in addition to the black fabric with red stitching as standard, you can choose the black leather or Red skin, until you get to the top of the range with the offering of leather and microfiber with red stitching. Also, the color of the internal environment, standard black, can be changed with the optional “Internal bi-color red”, which gives the interior an even more sporty and exclusive.

The body headlights carbon front and the eyelid of the instrument panel in carbon are the two optional available to reproduce the carbon fiber, one of the leading materials of the car and visible from the inside, thanks to the monocoque at sight, on other elements of the car. The twin tailpipes racing, Race and Spatial AR Racing Tires are the options available to offer a connotation even more sporty Alfa Romeo 4C. In addition to these specific options of the car was made available to customers of Alfa Romeo 4C a variety of optional accessories like the exclusive red Vehicle cover custom 4C and the Trolley Alfa Romeo 4C.